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Why is it different?

CERAGLOW Brightening Serum is thoughtfully formulated with powerful ingredients that according to published clinical research, can brighten skin while actively fight acne and fade hyperpigmentation. It also proven to minimise the appearance of enlarged pores and calm irritated skin
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What does it do?

10% Azelaic Acid derivative, 4% Niacinamide, 2% Alpha Arbutin and Licorice Root Extract work together with 2% Panthenol, Ceramide and Centella Asiatica to target and fade hyperpigmentation and stubborn post-acne marks. It also soothe redness and fight acne while strengthening skin’s natural moisture barrier.

Spot the difference

83% agreed

dark spots and redness improved in just 2 weeks.

Target Concerns
Formulated for all skin types

10% Azelaic Acid Derivative

Advanced form of Azelaic Acid that is proven to brighten skin and fight acne. It also reduce redness and moisturising.

Licorice Root Extract

Powerful antioxidant that improves uneven skin tone and calm irritated skin.

key ingredient for


Brightening Impact

4% Niacinamide

Actively fade hyperpigmentation, balance excess oil and minimise the appearance of enlarged pores.

2% Alpha Arbutin

Reduce dark spot and brighten overall complexion.

maximum benefits

Powered With

SRE Technology™️

Skin Repair Enhancer

Our SRE Technology™️ in every product defines Skin Repair Enhancer, in which every active ingredient is precisely selected to promote and accelerate the process of skin repairs and reveal luminous healthy skin. Crafted with safe and gentle formulation, this Korean innovation delivers visible results.

Nuuha Principle

Experts Favourite

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Dr Kamalia Alyahya, MD
I have been using Nuuha's azelaic acid serum for more than 6 months. My skin problem was its dry, and sweating at the same time. Any oil-based or cream-based face product will trigger more face sweats, but Thank God Nuuha's Ceraglow Brightening Serum is very fast absorbed and not triggering my facial sweats.

After few weeks of using it, many patients and friends have been asking what product did I use, as my skin tone is more even and no obvious open pores.

Thank you Nuuha for coming out with this affordable yet so effective product 🙂

Dr Kamalia Alyahya
Medical Doctor
Farah Arifah, Pharmacist
To be honest, I’m blessed with good skin ie: no major acne or dark spots. Hence, I'm good with just a cleanser and moisturiser. Until I found Nuuha, it brings out the glow in my skin and makes my pores a whole lot smaller. Loving this product, definitely adding to my daily skincare routine.

Farah Arifah
Dr Shazwana, MD
I haven’t found a single best Azelaic Acid serum coz it’s so rare.. until Nuuha Beauty made one. Thanks Dr Wani & Nuha for making it very special from packaging to texture and efficacy, all are top-notch💯

Dr Shazwana
Medical Doctor
Dr Sakinah, Ph.D in Muamalat
I’ve been using Ceraglow serum since it was first launched. It works triumphantly powerful for my skin. My skin looks bright, glassy and my acne scars faded in only 2 week! Now, I’m confident to go out with a bare face without makeup. Thank you Nuuha Beauty for this powerful and effective serum. My first ever serum that suits my sensitive skin!

Dr Sakinah
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